Update From Last Week’s Marathon


Our guest blogger and extreme runner Mike Hartley, highlighted in our Runners Corner page, sent me an update from the marathon he ran in Salida, CO last week.

First of all, can you even imagine running a marathon of 26+ miles in the mountains on snowy, muddy, rocky trails?  Well…I can’t either (the 26+ miles on flat dry ground is hard enough for me to imagine actually running).  But, for Mike it was just simply another marathon to add to his collection of accomplishments.  I think he’s completed around 45 marathons now, but I lost count.  The picture showcases some of his bling framed!

He sent me the update below of the Salida marathon for your reading pleasure.  I believe it took him around 5 hours to actually complete the race, with the conditions of the trail dredging through deep snow along the way.  I know he has several other races planned this summer, so for all of you running fanatics, stay tuned for more updates…..

A Salida running experience

I was blessed and fortunate enough to enjoy the outdoors and a wonderful foot race this last weekend in Salida, Colorado. The Run Through Time Marathon was a great challenge of mind and body. Although the weather was perfect on race day Mother Nature and father time provided for some grueling course conditions. By this I mean miles of snow (in some areas knee deep) and mud. This provided to what was already a technical course to downright…well, crazy fun!

It was not a day to debate with one’s ego or pride and attempt that course personal record or worry about who was in front of you. It was more about remaining safe, having fun with fellow runners and finding the finish line. Isn’t it always? This is what I love most about the running community, especially long distance trails and ultras, the camaraderie and spirit is second to none!

A few useful/useless notes that you can ponder:

Race day and course conditions have no forecast. Be prepared for your adventure whether it is a long training run or a race. But, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. Chat with your fellow trail blazers, absorb the spirit of the outdoors and witness the freedom of running.

If you ever find yourself in an argument with your ego or self-pride while in training or at a race just ask yourself “why you so serious” and follow that up with a “let’s put a smile on that face”! These phrases or mantras should bring you back down to earth and help you remember your doing this for the fun, personal challenge and the health of it!



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