Tips On How To Stay Motivated

images (3)We always hear people make excuses for why they can’t get in shape or why they don’t exercise, so here are some tips to help keep them motivated to accomplish their fitness goals.

  1. Get a workout buddy or support buddy. Find someone with similar goals for support and keep you on track with your fitness goals. I have a friend I communicate with daily, she helps me stay motivated so I can achieve my fitness goals.
  2. Set a goal for yourself. Whether it be to lose 10 lbs or fit into those size 4 jeans, set a time frame and then when you reach that goal reward yourself with some new clothes or your favorite free meal.
  3. Take pictures. Take a picture of yourself in swim suit or shorts and after a couple weeks of workouts, take another picture and compare. It’s a great motivational tool when you see the results!
  4. Cut out a motivational picture. Look in magazines or online and choose a body type that you would like to have. Hang it on your fridge and look at it every day. Envision yourself looking like that picture. When you are on the treadmill and getting tired, think of that picture and push yourself to work even harder to reach that goal.
  5. Plan your workouts. When you make a plan to go running or lift some weights, you are more likely to actually DO them.  Print off a monthly calendar and add your workouts for the week ahead or month ahead and cross them off when you complete them.
  6. Hire a personal trainer or join a fitness group. Most of the clients I get say that the reason they have a personal trainer or attend a fitness group, is to provide them with support and motivation. They say that having to be accountable to someone keeps them motivated and determined.

Use these tips and after time you won’t need these to help you stay motivated. You will be so impressed with the way your body is transforming and that will be motivation enough to keep working hard to achieve your fitness goals!

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