Barbell Complex Workout

Looking for a total body workout that boots the metabolism?!! Try this one one for size!! Barbell Complex with whatever weight barbell you choose. First round you do 5 reps of each, second round 9 reps and last round of 12. Rest about 30 -60 seconds in between. Could even add on 15 reps to the end if you you want more of a challenge! 

2015-05-20 16.05.26

I felt this wasn’t too bad today. Mainly it was my forearms that were struggling to hold onto the 45# bar, but the weight wasn’t bad nor was my breathing. Next time we do it, I think we will start at 9, then 12, then 15 and see how that feels! We did end up adding some finishers at the end though, which helped get the heart rate up!

BB Complex

Give it a try and come back and let us know how you did!